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About Us

Midwest Industrial Components was established in 2004 based in Ankeny, Iowa, and employing more than 10 sales, service and design staff, MIC has distinguished itself as a top centrifuge repair center.

MIC staff has been in the centrifuge business for over 25 years and was trained by Sharples Corporation.  Our field experience and hands on training has made MIC one of the industry’s top centrifuge repair centers.  MIC has extensive knowledge in the rendering, ethanol, oil and waster water industry.  Working in these two fields Kevin worked on both vertical and horizontal decanters.  Teamed with Roger Harasty who builds all the electrical controls for our centrifuges and Kevin’s process and mechanical knowledge they traveled the world helping customers.

In the early part of the new millennium the ethanol boom was hitting full stride.  MIC had worked in the industry sense the very beginning in the early 1990’s helping plants with their Sharples centrifuges however at the time was not a major portion of are business.  Fast forward 15 years when ethanol plants seemed to be popping up everywhere we shifted the company’s focus to renewable fuels.  We were the very first non OEM company to repair the Alfla Laval’s and Flottwegs in the ethanol industry and we already had 20 years experience with these brands of machines in the waste water industry.

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Suite 28
Ankeny, Iowa 50023
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