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MIC is a centrifuge repair company and a full service machine shop out of Ankeny, Iowa, MIC offers a full-service repair center and machine shop geared towards preventive maintenance for all types of machines.  With a 24,000 sq. foot machine shop  we are able to do any job required from machining to repair or building of controls for any centrifuge used in any industry . Our fully trained and skilled employees are able to repair decanter and vertical centrifuges. With over 20 years experience in industries such as ethanol, waste water, meat rendering, dairy and many others MIC has the knowledge and ability to fix any mechanical or process problem.


Centrifuge repair                          

  • Machining

  • Spraying up bearing journals

  • Hard Facing conveyors

  • Tiling conveyors

  • Dynamic Balancing 

Custom Machine Services

  • Lathe Work

  • Mill operations & Indexing

  • Welding/cutting & Grinding

  • Metal Spray/Fabrication

  • Plastic & Non-Metal Machining